DB Errors [SOLVED]

Daniel Hazelbaker daniel at highdesertchurch.com
Fri Apr 29 13:35:43 EDT 2005

Okay, after knocking down our mail server for an hour to track this 
down I have a solution.  I do not remember where, but somewhere when I 
was setting this up years ago I read that the method for delivering 
from postfix->procmail->spamassassin->cyrus was to have postfix deliver 
to procmail, and procmail instruct spamassassin to do its thing. Then 
to use the cyrus deliver program with "-a $LOGNAME -m user.$LOGNAME" to 
deliver the message.  Well what was happening is this:

Breakpoint 1, verify_user (user=0x0, domain=0x0, mailbox=0x100f8189 
"user.kristina", quotacheck=0, authstate=0x0) at lmtpd.c:554

This combination (user = null and mailbox != null and mailbox does not 
exist) would cause verify_user to pass userinbox (== null) to 
autocreate_inbox, which would strcmp without any error checking and 

The solution seems to be to change the deliver line to just "-a 
$LOGNAME $LOGNAME" and it seems to work properly for everything.

Daniel Hazelbaker

On Apr 26, 2005, at 4:45 PM, Daniel Hazelbaker wrote:

> I don't believe it is no symbols, I believe it is smashing the stack 
> somehow (those are the only two entries in the stack).  Can't imagine 
> how strcmp is smashing the stack but I suppose anything is possible.  
> I'll try to attach, but I thought lmtpd forked a child process in the 
> same way httpd does, maybe not though.

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