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Renzetti Federico f.renzetti at
Wed Apr 6 05:36:55 EDT 2005

Hi Baltasar,
in my LDAP I have uid attribute with @ for virtualhosting.... (es 
user1 at, user1 at, etc)
So dropping domain is not so good for me :-)
The reason is that my SMTP server (qmail) search entire LDAP and use uid 
with @ for virtualhosting.
Perhaps I must either find some other solution for my SMTP or change my 
IMAP server :-(.
Could you (anyone) help me for this?
Thanks again.

Baltasar Cevc wrote:

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> Hi Frederico,
> Cyrus will alway drop the domain part for defaultdomain or servername 
> (I was unable to figure out the interconnection between these two 
> exactly).
> So, as far as I know you have to set defaultdomain to something bogus 
> (however, you need to have an admin user in that domain) or have your 
> LDAP accept that...
> Baltasar
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