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this is from an old thread:

--On 28. September 2004 14:23:08 Uhr -0400 Ken Murchison <ken at> 

> Philip Chambers wrote:
>> I have just encountered a problem with setting a large quota and it
>> appears that the  code must be using just 32 bit arithmetic!
>> I set a user to have a 10 gigabyte quota and the user was treated as
>> being  over-quota with just 10 megabytes.  I presume there will be
>> problems if I set a  quote of over 2 gigabytes which is the 32 bit
>> limit.  Can anyone clarify the  situation?
> Yes, both the quota limit and quota usage are limited to 32-bits.  Cyrus
> 2.3 uses 64-bits (long long int) on systems that support it.

I wonder if this is still true for 2.2.10. I set my quota to 3 GBs and it 
seems to work OK:> sq user/a0620 3000000
quota:3000000> lq user/a0620
 STORAGE 297144/3000000 (9.9048%)
[cyrus at lvr13 imap]$ quota user/a0620
   Quota  % Used    Used Root
3000000       9  297163 user/a0620

Am I missing something?

Thanks, Sebastian Hagedorn
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