cyrus-imapd/sasl on MacOS X 10.3.8: hang

Michael Bartosh mbartosh at
Sun Apr 10 22:40:03 EDT 2005

There are known issues with the latest sec updates from Apple and  
SASL. I have not had the opportunity to look into the nature of those  
issues but they're widely reported, even with the second replacement  
update that Apple issued after the first one was recalled.

If you've installed any recent sec updates I'd restore from backup.

Anything that triggers a libc lookup tends to hang, as you have  
observed. This is due to a problem with lookupd, which services libc  
lookups. It is not clear to me whether this contributes to or causes  
the issue seen in SASL authentication; as I've said I haven't  
explored the issue, and there is a complex set of interdependencies  
among DirectoryService, libc, lookupd, SASL, SecurityServer, PAM, etc  
etc etc.

Michael Bartosh
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