cyrus-murder problems with database corruption in the frontend/master

João Assad jfassad at
Wed Apr 6 14:19:22 EDT 2005

>>> cyrus/mupdate[12614]: IOERROR: mapping /var/lib/imap/mailboxes.db 
>>> file: Cannot allocate memory
> Resource limited memory, or are you really running out of memory?
> Letting processes continue running in the face of an mmap failure 
> needs to be re-examined I guess.

Hello again.

I've been trying to tweak all sorts of system configs in the last few 
days but it didnt help much.

I changed the following options because I was getting:
cyrus/mupdate[18200]: Server too busy, droping connection.

mupdate_connections_max: 1024
mupdate_workers_start: 40
mupdate_workers_minspare: 16
mupdate_workers_maxspare: 80
mupdate_workers_max: 400

with mupdate configured like that my mailboxes db is getting corrupted 
once a day. If I decrease the values it will last longer, but I'll start 
getting the Server too busy error.

I've noticed that once I get the mmap error, the system will still run 
without spitting db errors for anywhere from a few mins to a few hours. 
Also, I never get more than one mmap error before the db becomes unnusable.

Not sure If I mentioned this before, but after getting the mmap error I 
can no longer restart my master because ctl_cyrusdb wont be able to 
recover the db.

What Im planning to do next is get a new server, install debian in it ( 
Im using Fedora core 2) and see if I have the same poroblem.


João Assad

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