cyrus-murder problems with database corruption in the frontend/master

João Assad jfassad at
Thu Apr 7 15:02:10 EDT 2005

Derrick J Brashear wrote:

> On Wed, 6 Apr 2005, João Assad wrote:
>>> and then give us a backtrace from the core which you will then get?
>> After doing that, the mupdate process now exits with signal 11 as 
>> expected.
>> OTOH the core isnt getting dumped to disk for some reason...
> The only internal resource limit play happens for fds, not coredumps, 
> so we haven't disabled it, if you can't get a core, I'm somewhat lost 
> as to suggestions.

Fixed the core problem by adding chdir("/tmp") before the assert(0) .

I'll first generate a core by raising the mupdaet_worker settings and 
reimporting my backends db into the master.
and then another one with the settings I currently use during run time.. 
which takes much longer for the problem to happen.

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