IMAP session minor issue - clarification needed

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Mon Apr 4 04:57:56 EDT 2005

> Mitja Sladovic wrote:
>> On Apr 1, 2005 8:40 PM, *Simon Matter* <simon.matter at
>> <mailto:simon.matter at>> wrote:
>>     Wait a minute, is this plain Cyrus IMAP 2.2.12 or a patched one?
>>     There is
>>     an OE seen state patch floating around which I've included in my
>>     rpms and
>>     IIRC it just fixes the problem discussed here. IIRC the patch is
>>     really a
>>     hack but at least it does work.
>> hehe, thah are your RPMS from
>> I didn't know for this problem...
>> thanks for your work :)
>> bye, Mitja
> Hi guys.
> I haven't used any patches, it is virgin Cyrus IMAP4 2.2.10, with my
> setup and file layout. Could someone make a comment on the cause of thei
> "feature". Simon, you said that the patch is more like a hack. The
> question is, should we go the hack path or improve Cyrus?
> Note that I have seen the behaviour on Mozilla, too. I'm guessing that
> seen state is not being propagated at all. Then it is really a question
> whether that patch should be called "OE seen state patch" :-)

You are right, the naming is misleading, but I didn't invent it :)
In fact I have seen the same problem with multiple sessions, like using
webmail and thunderbird at the same time. Maybe one could change the
number of IMAP connections in thunderbird/mozilla to fix it but I never
tried. IIRC it's always a cosmetical problem in Thunderbird and other
clients but it can be a real problem in OE under certain situations. I
don't know why the patch is a hack and how it can be improved but I'm
happy it just works.


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