Mail client re-downloading mail

Warrick FitzGerald subs.cyrus.wfitzgerald at
Fri Apr 1 13:35:41 EST 2005

Warrick FitzGerald wrote:

> Hi All,
> My server just crashed - when it came up one of my users keeps getting 
> the same emails over and over again.
> Every time he hits send and receive in outlook, the same messages appear.
> It's almost when he deletes or mark a message as read the server is 
> not aware of the change in state, so the next time he hits 
> send\receive it grabs it again.
> Does anyone know how I can fix \ debug this.
> Thanks
> Warrick

Never mind, this user had thought he was smart and was using POP3. 
Outlook gets confused and I'm not willing to even humor the idea of 
debugging outlook.

I moved him to IMAP and all is good.
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