rollback to archiving checkpoint? Need help!!

Alex Meier cornflake4 at
Mon Apr 4 17:22:54 EDT 2005

Hi, list!

is there a possibility to rollback the cyrus databases to a recent checkpoint? As I have understood the mechanisms, there is a archiving checkpoint process which stores the changes to the mail database to a log.

How does this work? Is it possible to rollback a few hours?

It's not purely curiosity which drives me. I'm facing a very serious problem where apparently a person has undeliberately deleted all mails in his IMAP inbox, now he's crying for help. How can I possibly help him? I have root privileges to his machine and as a instant action I froze all dirs which seemed relevant to me. Thus, I copied the contents of:

System: SuSE 9.0

Can anybody help?


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