Moving mailboxes in cyrus-2.1.12

Brian K. Becknell beck at CLEMSON.EDU
Tue Apr 5 13:15:00 EDT 2005

Good Morning list,
   Sorry if I'm beating a old horse, but what i am asking seems to be
different for various versions of cyrus.

I am running cyrus-1.2.12 on solaris.
i have 2 raid sets that serve my mail partitions
ie /imap1 and /imap2
each raid set contains several partitions
ie partition-a /imap1/a
   partition-n /imap2/n
   and so on.

my problem is that /imap1 is filling up and /imap2 has plenty of space.
i would like to move a partition on /imap1 to a partition on imap2
  so for example
   partition-m: /imap1
  needs to be moved to
   partition-m: /imap2

i was hoping that maybe a cyradm command may work.
my thought process looks like this

1 - first define the new space partition-newm: /imap2
rename/move users from partition-m to partition-newm ( somehow )
i would then like the imapd.conf partiton name to be put back to artition-m


can i just shutdown cyrus.
mv /imap1/m to /imap2/m
change the partition label in imapd.conf
startup cyrus?

am i screwed or is there an ( easy ) way to acomplish this

Thanks for any help!!


Clemson University

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