Quota / EVMS ? / broken ....

Christiaan den Besten chris at scorpion.nl
Tue Apr 5 19:33:30 EDT 2005

Hi all !

We are running 'Cyrus IMAP4 v2.2.10-Invoca-RPM-2.2.10-2' on one of 
our mailserver, and I've recently noticed that the user-quota's are 
more than often incorrent.

Running quota -f als user cyrus will fix this, but is this a known 
issue ?
user.a^buis^kennisnet^nl: usage was 28821438, now 14410719
user.a^c^m^vollebregt^wiringherlant^nl: usage was 2408276, now 
user.a^dehaan^wiringherlant^nl: usage was 14430893, now 7356279
It's not like it missed one message or something ? Ohw cool, looking 
at it some futher ..... it is most of the time of by a factor 2 ;) 
Hmmm, looking further:
"user.lia^bs-st-joseph^schermerhorn: usage was 10604869, now 
/usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/quota user/lia^bs-st-joseph^schermerhorn
   Quota  % Used    Used Root
  100000      11   11622 user/lia.bs-st-joseph.schermerhorn

We have had users with a 'over quota' error during mail delivery 
whom had 0 messages in their mailbox. After a quota -f [user] it was 
fixed, that raised the issue ....

The cyrus-spool's are on a scsi-raid setup, but with an evms ext3 
filesystem (for snapshotting).

Any hints or tips ?


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