Problems getting Cyrus Imapd to with with SASL (PostgreSQL engine)

Jesper K. Pedersen jkp at
Tue Apr 12 03:22:10 EDT 2005

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005 22:53:42 -0700
Patrick Nelson <pnelson at> wrote:

> Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:
> >I have been wanting to upgrade our small mail server to use a
> >PostgreSQL database to authenticate users.
> >
> >As the server needed a full overhaul I have installed a test server
> >with Slackware 10.1
> >Downloaded Cyrus SASL 2.1.20, Cyrus IMAPD 2.2.12
> >
> >I already have my postgres server running without a problem.
> >
> >I also have SASL compiled for supporting the PostgreSQL database via
> >the auxprop, and finally also have compiled Imapd and have it all
> >running.
> >
> >I have created a couple of test users in the sql database with
> >cleartext passwords.
> >
> >I am not able to successfully run the imtest:
> >An example run:


>  I use PAM-PgSql (on to 
> utilize my Postgresql system.  The only problem is that it isn't being
> actively developed but it does work with the my cyrus-imap 2.2.10
> setup great.

As I have been running Slackware for a few years I tend to like their
ideas of a Linux system - where they decided against using PAM as a
standard because of the amount of security problems PAM have had.

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