Murder / Moving accounts between servers

steven wright steve at
Tue Apr 12 11:39:53 EDT 2005


I intend to move from a single server with Cyrus to multiple servers with 
As I don't need to share folders between users I'm unsure if I should use 
Cyrus Murder with a few frontends or separate Cyrus servers with Perdition 
as the frontend.

One thing I would really like is the ability to automatically balance the 
number of users on backend servers by moving them around with scripts 
called via cron.

I understand from "install-murder.html" that moving a user between backend 
servers within a Murder is just one simple command but not 100% foolproof.
If I'm reading "install-murder.html" correctly, the not foolproof statement 
seems to only apply if I don't move a mailbox's entire trees of sub-folders.

Provided I only move entire accounts (including all sub-folders) am I 
likely to encounter problems ?

Also, are there any other reasons I should go down the Murder / Perdition 
route ?


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