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Helmut Weigel Helmut.Weigel at
Wed Apr 13 18:25:10 EDT 2005

Hi all!

I 've got a question about how messages are stored on the system.

Think of the following situation:

I have a huge number of users in my mailstore, lets say 50000.

And now i want to send one single email, maybe with a fully featured 150 
Pages colored PDF Attachment, to them all.

Can you see any chance, that this message is just stored once in the 
mailstore and there are 50000 references /links to that email?

What would the MTA have to tell cyrus to do that, if even possible?

I think a way around this are public imap folders. But it would be great 
if the first szenario would be possible.

Can anybody put a little light on this?

Thanks Helmut
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