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Helmut Weigel helmut.weigel at
Thu Apr 14 03:37:06 EDT 2005

Hi all,

first of all thanks for your fast response.

Rich, indeed we use postfix right now as MTA. How did you configure that
"bypass" for the local delivery daemon?

Thanks Helmut

Am Do, den 14.04.2005 schrieb Rich Wohlstadter um 4:53:
> >> What would the MTA have to tell cyrus to do that, if even possible?
> > the MTA would have to be configured to use LMTP to send the message and
> > send the multiple recipients in one submission to the LMTP socket.
> One thing I found is that if your using postfix, you cannot configure it
> to use the local delivery daemon because it would break the email up into
> individual email and send them all seperate to the lmptd daemon.  If you
> use postfix you need to create a transport table and bypass the local
> delivery daemon.
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