high-availability again

Amos info-cyrus at utdallas.edu
Thu Apr 14 10:11:22 EDT 2005

> We're doing this.  We have a 4-node Veritas cluster with all imap data 
> residing on a SAN.  Overall it's working quite well.  We had to make 
> some very minor cyrus code changes so it'd get along well with Veritas' 
> cluster filesystem.  This setup gives us high availability and scalability.

What sort of changes did you have to make?

We're planning on doing something similar with Sun Cluster. Why Sun 
Cluster? Well, it's the only cluster environment that WebCT supports, 
and managing two completely different clustering technologies would be a 
bit much for our little brains. ;-)

Not planning on doing anything particularly sophisticated. Just failover 
when one node fails.


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