Mailbox access control with ldap for group

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Thu Apr 21 04:29:53 EDT 2005

> Hello,
> I already use| setaclmailbox with an Unix group as "id". But I'd like to
> do the same with an ldap group.
> Is'it possible ? I didn't find anything on google.

You can configure /etc/nsswitch.conf to use LDAP for groups. Check with
'getent group' that your LDAP groups are visible to the system.
There is one issue with this solution: If your LDAP groups are large or
your LDAP is slow, all IMAP access is also slow. Using nscd doesn't work
here, at least on Linux. I have therefore created a groupcache patch for
cyrus which chaches the groups in a file for faster access. The patch is
in my rpms and also available here:

The groupcache can be updated via cyrus master with a entry like this in
/etc/cyrus.conf EVENTS section:

  groupcache    cmd="upd_groupcache" period=5


> Thanks.
> Nicolas Schmitz
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