Mailbox access control with ldap for group

Nicolas Schmitz Nicolas.Schmitz at
Thu Apr 21 10:26:43 EDT 2005

>>You can also use pts/ldap for groups.
>That's correct. I was assuming that he's using Unix groups and LDAP groups
>at the same time. For authentication this works fine with PAM, above
>solution does the same for groups.
>Is a mixed environment possible with pts/ldap?
Thanks for the reply.

For now I use saslauthd with ldap for evertyhing except groups.
If it is possible, I'd like to leave nsswitch (and any system file) 
intact, and use only cyrus config file + ldap :
- I like the separation between the system and cyrus for authentication.
- The posix group is not very adapted with our use of mailbox sharing.

Where can I find more information about "pts/ldap" ? I have seen, is it stable now 
? How can I use it ?

I use the debian sarge version of sasl and cyrus-imap 2.2.12 from source.

Thanks again.

Nicolas Schmitz
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