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Marc G. Fournier scrappy at
Sun Apr 24 14:50:55 EDT 2005

Just recently, I've been noticing some oddness in my maillog files, 

Apr 24 00:46:53 hub postfix/pipe[34168]: 655021299C5: to=<support at>, relay=spamcheck, delay=68034, status=deferred (temporary failure)

figuring that maybe spamassissin was doing something odd, I removed 
spamcheck from the process, but then the error changes to:

Apr 24 15:29:02 hub postfix/lmtp[54800]: 0367A1298D0: to=<admin at>, relay=/var/run/socket/lmtp[/var/run/socket/lmtp], delay=273190, status=bounced (host /var/run/socket/lmtp[/var/run/socket/lmtp] said: 554 5.6.0 Message contains NUL characters (in reply to end of DATA command))

So, now i'm removing amavisd from the mix, and testing to see if I'm just 
getting alot of mal-formed email, or is amavisd somehow screwing things up 

I'm running postfix 2.1.5, cyrus-imapd 2.2.12, amavisd 2.2.1 and clamav 
0.83 ...

Has anyone, running a similar configuratin, noticed a sudden occurance of 
this sort of thing?

I'm not sure what to look at, and getting rid of my anti-virus doesn't 
seem to be a good idea ... :(

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