Can't create virtual domain mailboxes

Robin Rainton robin at
Mon Apr 25 20:00:07 EDT 2005


I've seen a few virtual domain probls going around but still can't fix mine
which is this:

- Using Fedora Core 3 and the Cyrus RPMs - nothing built locally.
- In /etc/imapd.conf I have the standard stuff plus:

virtualdomains: userid

- The admin is 'cyrus', but I've also tred 'cyrus at my.local.domain' too.
- sasldblistusers2 shows the cyrus and other test user I'm trying to make a
mailbox for (both with @my.local.domain).

Using cyradm I can log into local host, but 'cm user.test at my.local.domain'
doesn't work. I get:

createmailbox: Permission denied

However, this can't be a filesystem problem because 'cm user.test' works fine.
Although of course, without the domain on the end this can't be seen by the
virutal user.

Sorry, but just can't see why this doesn't work, what am I doing that's so dumb!


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