mupdate exits with signal 11

João Assad jfassad at
Thu Apr 28 14:37:38 EDT 2005

Derrick J Brashear wrote:

> auth_unix's purpose is for groups, not for something pam will do for 
> you. technically if you're not using unix groups for access control 
> you don't need any of the group functionality. Really, though, I 
> should figure out what the getgr*_r interface difference which is 
> hitting you is and fix it.

How can I get rid of it ? I would love to get rid of it in my production 
servers so I can finally be sure that I fixed the mmap problem. I cant 
be sure that I fixed it because mupdate keep dying on me.

I can keep testing the getgr*_r stuff in my test enviroment meanwhile.

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