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Michael Spicyn michael at
Wed Apr 27 01:17:12 EDT 2005

I have unique problem. Due to office politics or whatever the main 
server used is M$exchange.
Since availability of email service is a key business issue to this 
company and since M$exchange was going down to often and since they 
cannot give up using M$exchange I was hired to come up with the solution.

Solution would require: protection of M$exchange servers to receive only 
prestine (clean) messages, and in case that is not enough and M$exchange 
goes down, provide users with alternative email server where they can 
login and have ALL previous messages there and while working there get 
the efforts of their work back on M$exchange when it up.

To make the long story short, I have provided them with 2 Linux servers, 
postfix, cyrus, squirrelsmail, calmav, amavis+new,  samba (winbind 
especially for authentication, thus no user administration on Linux 
servers) and ldap + my sh/perl sripts.

The reason for 2 Servers - if one goes down the other is a replica (kind 
of) of the other - thus email services are still operational.
So I am authenticating users login in only in SquirrelMail via winbind 
agains M$ ActiveDirectories Servers.

Every hour I am polling pertinent user data (emails, maildrops, group 
mambership, etc) from M$ ActiveDirectories and storing it in LDAP but I 
also add additional maildrops - which are my 2 servers - thus message 
will not only be delivers to M$exchange but also to my Linux servers via 
lmtp to Cyrus.

Here is the essence of my problem:
Cyrus will be recieving all messages while these messages will be hardly 
managed - ea users will login only in emergency and their attention is 
on reading and sending messages - not on proper management of messages.

Obviously sooner or later I will run out of disk space.

Can I somehow induce Cyrus to delete messages that are, lets say 3 month 

If you have any solution to this please reply ASAP

If you would like to know more details about this project let me know 
and I will email my installation journal.

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