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Wed Apr 27 15:04:29 EDT 2005

--On Wednesday, April 27, 2005 15:46 -0300 Andreas Hasenack 
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> Note how the if/elsif structure is broken and a new if statement begins
> later on. That was a copy&paste error (the second "if" should have been
> "elsif" to continue the case-like structure).
> The interesting thing is that a message from "someone at somewhere"
> survived the discard. Is that because there should be a "stop;" after
> the discard action? It matched some other rule down the road in the
> second "if" structure.

Not sure if it relates or not but beware that what MS Outlook displays as 
'from' and what's in the 'From' header can (and quite often are) different. 
There's a FAQ somewhere in the Mailman or site that 
documents this and I've seen it as well.  Not all versions behave like this 
though, but it *might* factor in.

I'm pretty sure discard implies stop.

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