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Lutz Kittler Lutz.Kittler at
Fri Apr 29 05:37:08 EDT 2005

Am Freitag 29 April 2005 11:11 schrieb Dag-Erling Smørgrav:
> I discovered by accident that lmtpd (or possibly deliver, or both) is
> case-sensitive; mail to DES at DES.NO will bounce with
> 550-Mailbox unknown.  Either there is no mailbox associated with this
> 550-name or you do not have authorization to see it.
> Is this intentional?  It doesn't seem right; mail addresses are
> supposed to be case insensitive.  Can this be fixed in Cyrus, or do I
> have to set up my SMTP server (Postfix) to lowercase the address
> before delivering each message to Cyrus?
master1:~# grep case /etc/imapd.conf
# Forcing recipient user to lowercase
# Cyrus 2.1 is case-sensitive.  If all your mail users are in lowercase, it is
# probably a very good idea to set lmtp_downcase_rcpt to true.  The default is
# to assume the user knows what he is doing, and not downcase anything.
lmtp_downcase_rcpt: yes


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