FYI: Sendmail and Cyrus IMAP - Real Time Integration

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*Real Time Cyrus (and Sendmail) Integration [Version 2]*

The above link leads to recipe how to integrate sendmail and cyrus using
socket map. Socket map protocol is supported by:
* cyrus-2.2.3+
* sendmail-8.13.0+ [sendmail-8.12 requires patching]

The recipe allows sendmail to reject messages to non existing
cyrus mailboxes in responce to "RCPT TO:" without taking responsibility
for sending bounce messages for non existing mailboxes. The recipe
supports cyrus imap virtual domains.

Feel free to send me you comments or suggest improvements.

Comming Soon:
* Support for Cyrus IMAP virtual domains with Sendmai aliases

* The recipe
* Cyrus IMAP Server
* Cyrus Virtual Domains

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