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On Tue, 07 Sep 2004 09:10:59 -0600
"Terry.Poperszky" <Terry.Poperszky at SOSStaffing.Com> wrote:

> With Courier, I have the ability to spread access to the mail spool=20
> directory across several incoming smtp servers, is Cyrus able to do=20
> something similar? What I am referring too, is having multiple incoming=
> email servers, with their mail spools being NFS mounts to a single box=20
> using Maildir format, access to which is served by courier Imap. This=20
> configuration belongs to a local ISP and I am looking at porting it to=20
> my corporate network, but I want to look at other options than Courier.

With cyrus 2.3 branch in CVS it *might* be possible to store mails
themselves on the NFS. The problematic part with NFS are indexes and lock=
they need; in 2.3 branch indexes can be split to a separate "metadata"
partition which can be local.

Of course this still does not bring you the possibility of many cyrus
instances on separate machines using the same mail spool over NFS. As i s=
it, this would still require some established mechanism to update indexes=
all machines in a consistent manner. One of the possibilities is to just
rebuild them when they not match the actual state of the mailbox, as i
understand the Dovecot is doing. How costly would that be in terms of I/O
and/or cpu?

Ken, comments?


Jure Pe=E8ar
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