Not a bytecode file

Bastian Schern ml01 at
Thu Sep 9 17:46:32 EDT 2004

Derrick J Brashear schrieb:
> On Wed, 8 Sep 2004, Bastian Schern wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a Problem with the Cyrus SIEVE. The SIEVE-Scripts are in the 
>> user homes (e.g. /home/mailings/.sieve)
>> But this script will not work. If a mail comes I get something like 
>> that in /var/log/messages:
>> --- snip ---
>> Sep  8 20:53:49 lion lmtpunix[31676]: sieve runtime error for mailings 
>> id <20040908185036.857B960B4 at>: Not a bytecode file
> Look here:

 > If the magic number in the file header isn't right, you get this. Have
 > you moved sieve service between machines of different byte orders?
 > That was a problem some time ago (I think).

Okay, but I had not moved the sieve service between machines of 
different byte orders. I had installed the Cyrus IMAPD on a clean SuSE 
9.1 Linux and than moved only the INBOXes.

 > You might be able to use sievec to save yourself here.
What is the sievec?
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