Cyrus crashed on redundant platform - need better availability?

David Carter dpc22 at
Wed Sep 15 09:14:09 EDT 2004

On Wed, 15 Sep 2004, Paul Dekkers wrote:

> On the other hand, if there is a application level redundancy on its 
> way, it doesn't really matter on what platform the machine runs, so it 
> would still make me happier and even with FreeBSD. And I would rather 
> put my money there. Even if it means we'll have to wait for some months,

I wouldn't hold out hope of anything being available in "some months".

I wrote my replication code two years ago, and submitted it to Rob and Ken 
about this time last year. Neither I or they have put any significant work 
into the code since then. As I indicated in my previous message, we all 
have other priorities right now.

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