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> Mike, one of the problems with this is that different databases have 
> different interfaces and capabilities.
> if you design it to work on Oracle then if you try to make it work on 
> MySQL there are going to be quite a few things you need to change.
> another issue in all this is the maintainance of the resulting code. If 
> this code can be used in many different situations then more people will 
> use it (probably including CMU) and it will be maintained as a 
> side effect 
> of any other changes. however if it's tailored towards a very narrow 
> situation then only the people who have that particular problem will use 
> it and it's likly to have issues with new changes.

I'd actually figured something like ODBC would be used, with prepared
statements.  /shrug.  Abstract the whole interface issue.

Just some thoughts.  =)

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