After Action Hooks

Drew Morris drewmorris at
Sat Sep 11 10:04:19 EDT 2004

Hello all,

I was wondering if it would be possible to add after action hooks into
Cyrus-IMAP/POP so that upon any change to a mailbox (folder move,
folder rename, folder deletion, message addition, message deletion,
message move, etc.) I would be able to fire an action like a perl
script or some other program. The script would need to know which user
this was performed on, the command, the element type (folder or
message), and the unique ID of the element. This feature would be
extremely useful for mail automation.

In my case, I want to mainain a cache of message metadata that is kept
in synch with the Cyrus message store pro-actively without having to
keep calling synch functions on each mailbox. The idea would be for
these "after action hooks" to fire off an asynchronous process that
would be able to update the cache so that if a user looked at the
cache they would see an up-to-date version of their data.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

- Drew Morris
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