Postfix, Cyrus and LMTP with virtual users and FQDNs.

szii at szii at
Mon Sep 13 15:24:45 EDT 2004

Okay, I blew an entire weekend debugging this - time to
find another pair of eyes...

Postfix->Cyrus, both using MySQL and FQDN logins.
(ie, szii at

Relevent sections:

virtdomains: userid
fulldirhash: 1
allowplainwithouttls: 1
hashimapspool: 1
allowplaintext: 1
unixhierarchysep: 1

sasl_pwcheck_method:  auxprop
sasl_auxprop_plugin:  sql
sasl_sql_engine:  mysql

lmtpsocket: /var/imap/socket/lmtp
lmtp_downcase_rcpt: true

in Cyrus.conf
  lmtpunix      cmd="lmtpd" listen="/var/imap/socket/lmtp" prefork=0 (I
tried "1" as well to no effect)

Okay, Postfix looks things up correctly.  Opens up the
LMTP socket correctly.  Passes the correct name to LMTP
and cyrus says"

postfix/lmtp[3558]: 60FDBD68: to=<szii at>,
relay=/var/imap/socket/lmtp[/var/imap/socket/lmtp], delay=0, status=bounced
(host /var/imap/socket/lmtp[/var/imap/socket/lmtp] said: 550-Mailbox
unknown.  Either there is no mailbox associated with this 550-name or you do
not have authorization to see it. 550 5.1.1 User unknown (in reply to RCPT
TO command))

Well, I suppose postfix/lmtp is just kicking back the results from cyrus.

The mailbox has been created (user/szii at no problem.  I even
opened the
permissions way up for the user, cyrus, postfix and anyone (sam to all)

I can log into Cyrus via pop3 and IMAP, no problem.  It's doing to
authorization/authentication against the same MySQL database that
postfix is and works fine.  Check mailbox (empty, of course) and
no issues.  I can force a failure by removing the mailstore, the user, bad
etc so I know it's not a "fully open" condition masking the error.

So - the mailbox is there and can be accessed through POP3/IMAP.  The
Postfix appears to be sending the correct data to LMTP.

Why is LMTP having problems?  Trying to use deliver did not work
either with the same errors.

What am I missing?



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