LMTP and qualified domains?

Scott Call scall at devolution.com
Mon Sep 13 21:47:10 EDT 2004


I'm am a newbie in the cyrus world and have a question.  I've spent most 
of the day on the docs, archives, and google and have drawn a blank.

I'm setting up a virtual domain install of cyrus with mail fed from exim 
via lmtp, and am hitting a problem.

I can create users using cyradm like "cm user/scall at domain.tld" and it 
seems happy.  I set unixhierarchysep to yes because it would not create as 
"user.scall at domain.tld" in the default setup.

The problem lies in LMTPd.  If I do an lmtptest I get a 5.5.1 User unknown 

If, however,  I create a user/scall then an RCPT TO:<scall at anything> will 
verify correctly.

So it looks like LMTP is ignoring the domain as long as an unqualified 
user exists.

This is with the Mandrake 10- RPM " v2.1.16-Mandrake-RPM-2.1.16-5mdk "

I can recompile from source if needed.

Any hints or tips would be greatly apreciated.


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