No lmtp authentication on backend (user name)

Laurent GAUTHIER laurent.gauthier at
Tue Sep 14 03:19:21 EDT 2004


I have an architecture of Murder Cyrus Imap Servers with Postfix.
The design makes Postfix Frontend deliver SMTP to local LMTP service.

My problem is when the Cyrus LMTP service (unix socket) on Frontend tries to connect to backend LMTP (TCP/IP socket) , I have messages bellow : 

Sep 13 19:25:29 localhost cyrus/lmtpproxyd[19904]: lmtpengine do_auth: failed to authenticate

Sep 13 19:29:55 localhost cyrus/lmtpd[2210]: connection from []
Sep 13 19:29:58 localhost cyrus/lmtpd[2210]: badlogin: DIGEST-MD5 SASL(-13): user not found: no secret in database

Is there any parameter as the ones for mupdate like
a.. mupdate_username 
a.. mupdate_authname 
a.. mupdate_realm 
a.. mupdate_password

that would be dedicated to LMTP?

In other words, how to configure the frontend lmtp service auth-name when it intents to connect to the back-end?

Thanks for your help.

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