No lmtp / pop authentication on backend

Andreas Winkelmann ml at
Fri Sep 17 04:01:00 EDT 2004

Am Freitag, 17. September 2004 09:13 schrieb Laurent GAUTHIER:

>  as Ken Murchison told me you could help me on my authentication problems,
> I send you the scenario.
> My main problem is to make Frontend services like LMTP and POP authenticate
> against backend. Users are capable to authenticate either as SASLDB or as
> LDAP users.
> And at the bottom of the present messages an architecture overview of what
> I want to reach.

> > >>>Backend:
> > >>>Sep 13 19:29:55 localhost cyrus/lmtpd[2210]: connection from
> > >>> []
> > >>>Sep 13 19:29:58 localhost cyrus/lmtpd[2210]: badlogin:
> > >>>DIGEST-MD5 SASL(-13): user not found: no secret in database

Cyrus-SASL starts a query to your auxprop-database with $username and $realm. 
The $realm is equal with your servername or if configured with $servername 
in /etc/imapd.conf. If there is no dataset equal to both, you will see "user 
not found". Check your sasldblistusers on the Backend-Server if the Username 
and Realm is equal. I would guess the realm is wrong. Change your servername 
in imapd.conf to $realm to satisfy sasl.

username at realm userPassword

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