Sieve vacation/redirection and SMTP authentication

Andre Nathan andre at
Mon Sep 20 14:47:16 EDT 2004


I'm setting up sieve, but our setup will probably make things a bit more

Our SMTP servers (Postfix) only allow authenticated users to send
messages, and checks if the sender login matches with the "mail from"
line of the SMTP protocol. The SMTP servers and IMAP/POP3 servers are
not installed on the same machines.

This setup, as is, would make it impossible for sieve to send
redirection or vacation messages, as there would be no way for it to do
the authentication, so some kind of modification would be necessary to
make it work. I could think of two solutions:

- Run an extra postifx instance that allows unauthenticated messages
  from the IMAP/POP servers
- Run Postfix's qmqpd. This would be nice to avoid the overhead of more
  smtp connections, but I couldn't really find any qmqp client and would
  end up having to write some script with the Net::QMQP perl module.

So, finally, my qustion :) Is anyone running on a similar setup that
only allows for authenticated SMTP? Maybe you can suggest me some
simpler workaround for redirection and vacation to work (or are the
solutions listed above the only ones I'd have available?)

Thanks in advance,
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