Cyrus-imap openssl and Outlook

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Tue Sep 21 16:14:23 EDT 2004

This is not a problem with the Certifcate, per se.

When the Certificate is "authenticated" it goes back up the 
chain to the CA, which is the issuing authority.  Outlook, by
default, only knows of a few "authentic" CAs such as VeriSign,
Thawte, etc.

You have a few options:
1)  Click Yes.  Your communications are SSL encrypted.  
2)  Tell Outlook (every Outlook) that this CA is known good.
3)  Buy a certificate from a "known good" CA.

#2 consists of..

    Control Panel
            Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

Import YOUR CA into this area on each and every single Outlook client.
Then, as the client goes up the chain it'll find your "authentic and 
known trusted CA" and you won't get that messages any more.


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