Cyrus and Samba

David Base base_david at
Wed Sep 22 07:51:57 EDT 2004

I tried doing something similar to this using Sharity instead of Samba (SMBclient
is not available in Solaris), i.e., mounting a shared Windows 2000 folder via NFS
on a Solaris box.  The mount part worked fine, but Cyrus wouldn't write to the
Windows NTFS file system.  Logged messages like "Invalid mailbox type".
Apparently Cyrus need unix semantics, mmap, etc.

I do have two sendmail/cyrus boxes delivering mail to one Solaris mail store shared
via NFS to the two sendmail/cyrus boxes.  I have read that Cyrus over NFS can be
unreliable, but it's working on a small scale in the lab.  The db stuff has to
remain local to each sendmail/cyrus box, and you are right, they do get out of sync
with each other, specifically the *.seen and *.sub files.  If anyone has ideas for
mirroring the two please share.

Our next step is to try putting a SAN behind the Solaris mail store via iSCSI and
serve a SAN file system via NFS to the two sendmail/cyrus boxes.  I fear we'll have
file system type issues again with this, but I'll let you know.

Dave Base

Drew Morris wrote:

> All,
> Pardon me if this question has already been answered (I couldn't find
> anything) but does Cyrus work over a Samba mount? I was assuming that
> it did and, if so, this redundancy question seems like it could be
> solved without much problem.
> My solution would be:
> Take multiple boxes running Cyrus and put the mail store on a samba
> mounted drive that is connected to a NAS, SAN, or other redundant
> storage array.
> I assumed that one problem might be the routines that run to keep the
> db in sync or other administrative routines but those could be handled
> with scripting.
> In this type of setup, the redundancy/failover could be handled by a
> standard load balancer.
> Am I missing something or is there a problem with Samba for this kind of thing?
> Thanks for the answer.
> - Drew
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