problem with ltmp and cyrus (lmtp read timeout)

Eric Doutreleau Eric.Doutreleau at
Thu Sep 23 09:24:14 EDT 2004


i have two server that are running postfix 2.1.4 and one cyrus imap
server that is running 2.2.8 version

and from time to time i got the infamous lmtp read timeout for lmtp
on the same time on the cyrus server i got the following messages
Sep 20 16:53:06 molure lmtp[12356]: DBERROR db4: 167 lockers
Sep 20 17:07:45 molure lmtp[13569]: DBERROR db4: 161 lockers
Sep 20 17:07:45 molure lmtp[13568]: DBERROR db4: 164 lockers
Sep 20 17:07:45 molure lmtp[13569]: DBERROR db4: 164 lockers
Sep 20 17:07:46 molure lmtp[13580]: DBERROR db4: 165 lockers

the number can increase more and i see more than 600 lockers.

here is the format i use for the database

It seems to me that the verification of duplicate delivery is a bit too
long for certain mail.

I have seen that some people on the liste had that kind of problem but
never seen a solution posted.

Does someone knows how to adress that problem?

Thanks in advance for any help

the DB4 version is 4.2.52

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