Creating mailboxes and other woes

Jesse Long at
Mon Sep 27 05:14:36 EDT 2004


Busy doing my first installation of cyrus, and learning how the system
works. This I am, doing on Debian Sarge with libsasl 2.1.19 and cyrus
imap 2.1.16

I have postfix set with mailbox_transport = cyrus
cyrus is authenticating via mysql, where I created the user cyrus and
a user jesse.

in cyradm I created both user.jesse and jesse mailboxes like so:
cm jesse
cm user.jesse

If I look in /var/spool/cyrus/mail I find u/user^jesse (unix
hierarchy) and j/jesse. These directories include cyrus.index and two
other file. I sent a test mail to user jesse, and the postfix log says
the mail was bounced "jesse: Mailbox does not exist". I also get an
error when connecting via pop. Unable to open maildrop. I think these
issues are related, and that I haven't set up the mailbox properly.

Could someone please tell me where I am going wrong.


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