Cyrus POP3 Deadlocks in 2.1.16

Michael Loftis mloftis at
Mon Sep 27 11:30:45 EDT 2004

Actually the deadlock seems to be pretty independent of the version because 
we had this happening back in 2.0 in a redhat system.  I can't find a 
trigger or any reason for it, POP3 just *STOPS* dead int eh water. 
Stopping all cyrus and restarting never helps, only way to get POP3 back is 
to reboot.  When it happens POP3 gets your a connection, but will NEVER 
banner, all other services are normal, no log entries indicate illness, 

Has anyone else EVER had this happen?  This is *VERY* disconcerting.  It 
hasn't happened much but it's been fairly OS and version independent 
happening on our old RedHat system, and now (just moments ago) on our 
Debian based system.

I can't figure out anything that it could be, happens in MURDER and 
non-MURDER configurations.  Like I said though only to the POP services, 
IMAP is always fine during these problems.

Any ideas, anyone?

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