Christiaan den Besten chris at
Mon Sep 27 13:30:07 EDT 2004

> Cyrus doesn't support running imapd from the command line.  All process 
> are spawned from the master process.
> What type of application requires you to run imapd from the command line? 
> I *might* be able to add a command line switch which allows you to do this 
> if its of general use.

We have aprox 300 users who have shell access on the same machine as where 
the cyrus process runs. It would be -very- nice if they wouldn't have to 
enter their username/password whenever they run Pine.

Pine supports pre-start commands: "ssh-command=/usr/sbin/imapd" is what we 
now use with uw-imapd. They can then access their mail folder without having 
to authenticate themselves.


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