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lst_hoe01 at kwsoft.de lst_hoe01 at kwsoft.de
Tue Sep 28 11:11:42 EDT 2004

Zitat von Philip Chambers <P.A.Chambers at exeter.ac.uk>:

> How do I get cyrus to re-calculate the usage figure in a quota file.
> For example, if I recover a deleted message from our backup system into a
> user's
> inbox I need the usage figure to be updated to take the addition of the
> message into
> account.  I see that doing a reconstruct does not re-calculate the usage!
> Surely this is a major bug in the reconstruct process?
> I now have several users with usages which do not match their quota files and
> I see
> no way of getting rid of the inconsistency.

(As user cyrus) : "quota -f"



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