So far so good. any good way of doing what imapd does for me with address books.

Roberto Leibman roberto at
Wed May 5 14:26:17 EDT 2004

I just had to go through the pain of reinstalling everything (my hard 
drive crashed). I went with a standard fedora install and using the 
distro RPM's I managed to get cyrus & friends running a lot faster than 
the last time I tried (in a RH9 system compiling everything from scratch 
and figuring out all the dependencies myself).
I'm very happy with the way things are right now

   * I support only a handful of users, each with 4 or 5 different pop3
     accounts (plus the "native" acconut) that I fetchmail into cyrus.
   * I use spamass-milter  and spamassasin to filter my spam,
   * I have a spam-report folder into which I put spam that doesn't get
     caught and I nightly train spamassassin with it. This works great
     in combination with Thunderbird clients, I can configure the
     thunderbird client to automatically move email that escapes
     spamassasin and that it flags as spam into the spam-report folder.
     I also have it configured to move email to that folder when a user
     marks an email as junk.

Congrats and thanks to all the different opensource teams that are 
putting together these applications, it all looks great. I still need to 

   * Recreate my horde system, I had it working in my RH9 install, but
     I need to make it work again.

With that I'll be able to access my email through the 4 or so computers 
that I use regularly (with thick clients) and with Horde I'll also be 
able to access it with thin clients anywhere.

I have one more thing I haven't figured out how to do:

I want a solution as portable as IMAP for my address book (and later on 
for my calendar as well). I've been briefly trying to set up LDAP to do 
that, but it quickly started to seem like it was going to be a total 
pain in the neck (do I need different schemas to support different 
clients?) I couldn't get thunderbird or evolution to talk to my ldap 
server, and frankly I confess I don't quite grok LDAP. What are you guys 
using, any ideas?


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