IMAP server run in standalone mode

Erick Bullier erick.bullier at
Thu May 6 05:40:07 EDT 2004


I use a debian/woody packaged version of cyrus-imapd (v1.5.19).
I know that this version is too old an not maintained by this list, but i have 
today a big problem with  cyrus and inetd.

Cyrus-imapd is call throught inetd.
Since a lot of time my server run perfecly, but today it crash (i don't know 
the lines in "daemon.log" are:
May 6 11:21:01 dev-internet imapd[7188] connect from
May 6 11:21:01 dev-internet inetd[273] imap2/tcp server failing (looping),   
service terminated

When i send a 'kill HUP' to inetd, it run for a short time and crash again....

It seem to be an problem with inetd. Maybe can i correct this problem when 
runing the imap server in standalone mode.
Is it a method to run cyrus-imapd in standalone mode without using inted?
I don't see any script ine /etc/init.d...

Thanks for your help.


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