Disaster Recovery

Jim Levie jim at entrophy-free.net
Mon May 10 23:28:39 EDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 19:50, Gordon Shumway wrote:
> Hi Felix, 
> I have not found the solution. Well not an easy automated solution anyway.
> It would be nice if there was an extra reconstruct flag to create the
> mailbox if it does not exist, but perhaps this functionality is beyond the
> spec of reconstruct - or maybe it's silly to think that someone would not
> have a backup. 
You really want to be able to do more than just creation on each users
top-level mailbox. A user can have subfolders and those really need to
be re-recreated also. This can be done from the information in a dump of
the mailboxes DB. I like to do daily dumps of that DB to a flat file,
keeping something like seven days of history.
Jim Levie <jim at entrophy-free.net>

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