Patch for saslauthd to include realms in userid?

Eric B. ebenze at
Wed May 12 13:08:56 EDT 2004


Forgive me if this post isn't entirely clear; I going on what someone else
has told me.  From what I understand, there was a patch created for an older
version of cyrus-sasl that allowed saslauthd to be launched with the "-r"
switch to combine user and realm for the userid:

2004-03-25  Rob Siemborski <rjs3 at>
        * saslauthd/saslauthd-main.c: add -r option to saslauthd for
combining user and realm into user at realm (for the userid).  Based on a patch
by Jeremy Rumpf <jrumpf at>.

I downloaded and compiled Simon Matter's Cyrus-Sasl-2.1.18, but haven't
found this patch in saslauthd-main.c nor available in the d/l'ed package
anywhere.  Is there somewhere I can get this patch from?  Is there a reason
why the patch is not in the new release (ie: 2.1.18) of the software?



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