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Patrick Ouellet pouellet at
Wed May 12 15:25:28 EDT 2004

Im trying to compile cyrus imap lastest stable
on my RedHat 9 system.

RedHat 9 comes with cyrus-sasl
in precompiled binary as version 2.1.10

I want to compile cyrus-imap with gssapi
so it can authorize user via MS ActiveDir. (Kerberos 5)

When I ./configure i get the error that
configure can't find gssapi.h

configure: WARNING: Disabling GSSAPI - no include files found

so I installed cyrus-sasl-devel-2.1.10.rpm
but it doesn't include gssapi.h

So, what can I do.
Will it compromise system stability to
compile and install cyrus-sasl-latest
would it brake dependencies to my
dependent package to remove the
precompiled binary?

Please someone help me.

Thanx you very much for your time

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