Does a Cyrus GUI exist?

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Thu May 13 10:46:20 EDT 2004

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Eric B. wrote:
| Hi,
| I searched the web to find an answer to this question, but the lack of hits
| makes me think that no one has yet bothered to develop a GUI for cyrus-imap.
| Is this true?  While working with cyradm does the job, I can only imagine
| how much easier it would be to administer if there was a nice GUI developed
| to allow you to manage the system.  Is asking about something like this a
| complete pipe dream?
| I know there is web-cyradm which is a great interface for basic
| administration, but from what i can tell, I haven't been able to actually
| find any true cyradm GUI tool (that allows you to administer individual user
| mailboxes, assign group boxes, etc...).

checkout MailAdmin

The latest released version allows the users to manage the acl's on their
folders and the admin user (cyrus or whatever you specified) can set quotas and

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