Is this any good?

Patrick Ouellet pouellet at
Thu May 13 13:30:11 EDT 2004

Ok, Im trying to build and configure a mailserver
which would use Cyrus IMapd and Cyrus Sasl
with postfix and spamassasin.

I have no experience with Cyrus Sasl
nor with Cyrus IMapd not even with imap protocol.

I would like to have you opinion on this:

Step to get started with cyrus sasl and imap.

Get the software. sasl & imap
Compile & Install Cyrus SASL Libs
Compile & Install Cyrus IMAP
Configure SASL for auth ???
Configure IMAP
Create users....

I'd like people to fill this list with
more specific tasks. The things I don't know
but that are known by someone who already did it.

Since I never configured those software I don't
know really what it should be like, but I think
there should be, from what I read:
Choose plug-ins for SASL
Configure those plug-ins
Choose auth method for IMAP
Configure Auth for IMAP

I thank every one on this list for
their feedback.

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