Migrating from Simeon Messagestore to cyrus 2.1.x

Ivana Belgers Ivana.Belgers at surfnet.nl
Fri May 14 03:42:39 EDT 2004

At this moment we are planning to migrate the e-mail infrastructure of
our company (around 50 employees) from sendmail-simeon to a
postfix-cyrus based system. The total amount of IMAP mail stored on the
current system is about 100 GB of data.

While we were testing we found out that migrating from the Simeon
MessageStore to cyrus looks fairly easy at the first glance, but now we
struggle with only one last issue. This being the message flags that are
stored in the cyrus.index file. Once I do a 'reconstruct', the flags are
lost, when I copy the original .index file over the cyrus.index file
that is created by 'reconstruct', the server does not respond correctly.
The format of the .index file is apparently so different from the
cyrus.index file, that cyrus does not know what to do with it.

Searching through the list archives and google, I haven't found the
answer I am looking for, yet. Hopefully one of you has found the answer
for us and is willing to help.

What I have found is a message in this lists archives, dating Aug.
02 2001 that says that to migrate "you may be better off doing a
protocol migration over IMAP to preserve the flags":

Since this is three years ago, I hope someone has
managed to create a script that migrates the fdb.index file to a
cyrus.index format instead, since that would so much simplify the whole
migration proces.

What we have is this:
Execmail IMAP4rev1 (2.1.2/199906021506)

What we want to migrate to is this:
Cyrus IMAP4 v2.1.16
or newer, since the actual migration will take place within a few
months from now.

If you need more information than what I've given so far, please let me

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Ivana Belgers
SURFnet, Netherlands 
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